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3 min readMay 19, 2021


A cryptographic NFT experience



In its entirety, Ciphersquares contains 3,623 unique pieces of art, crafted with varying degrees of rarity. Unlike other collectibles, buried within the art lies hidden meaning in the form of cipher clues. Combine the clues and work together to solve each puzzle and get closer to the identity of the “Holy Grail”.

The “Holy Grail” is 1 of the 3,623 NFT’s whose inherent value is priced at 50 Eth. When the final NFT is minted, a 72-hour countdown begins. Whoever holds the NFT at the end of the countdown will receive 15 Eth and the puzzle solver or team will receive 35 Eth. Submissions will be fielded once the 72-hour countdown ends and once the correct answer has been submitted, the Eth rewards will be released.

It is likely that the team able to solve the puzzle will be able to solve the Holy Grail, however we wanted to reward both the holder and the solver. A


In addition to the grand prize, each piece in the collection is unique and has been carefully crafted to include varying degrees of rarity! We leave it up to you to figure out the specifics. Be on the lookout for frames, style, era and especially cipher clues, as they will guide the journey.

While the crowning glory is the Holy Grail, collecting certain pieces, or sets of pieces could also prove to be quite rewarding!


Cryptography gave birth to the cryptocurrency market, which is why we designed the game to reward these skills. Although technical computer skills will be crucial in the journey, tech savviness alone will not be enough to crack the code. To discover the Holy Grail, it will require an understanding of art, history and literature.


To reveal the winner, we invite you to enjoy a performance! This includes the main event, the awards ceremony, scheduled to take place once the 72-hour countdown ends. At the end of the countdown, winners will receive their Eth and all of the secrets will be revealed! At this ceremony, we will announce the next steps for Ciphersquares. You won’t want to miss it!

Giving Back.

A wise man once said a picture is worth a thousand words. In order to provide an experience steeped in mystery, we scoured the public domain and crafted our narrative with a hand picked selection of fine art. Each NFT represents an interpretation of an art piece in a museum. All art used for inspiration has been verified under a CC0 license and falls in the public domain. You can read more about the CC0 license and the public domain here.

A special shout out to the institutions who provided us resources for this project: the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam are all to thank for this wonderous adventure. We implore you to explore these museums, soak in the beauty, and fall in love.


Due to the breadth and depth of knowledge required to complete the game, collaboration will be imperative and community crucial. We encourage you to join us and stay up to date with launch announcements.

Twitter: twitter.com/ciphersquares

Telegram: t.me/ciphersquares

Discord: https://discord.io/Ciphersquares




A cryptographic NFT experience.