We Are Close… 🚀

1 min readJun 5, 2021

It is our pleasure to announce that we are on track to launch Ciphersquares soon! More details regarding the launch can be found below:

  • Before and throughout the project, there will be puzzle games with prizes. These will require cryptography skills and a close following of our socials.
  • Project will launch via smart contract integration with our website “ciphersquares.com”. This will initially be the only way to purchase Ciphersquares.
  • There is a 20 unit limit on NFT minting per transaction to limit whale participation.

Final Thoughts.

At Ciphersquares, we want to emphasize our dedication to a community first mindset. Our metaphorical doors are open to any and all questions regarding the project. Over time, our goal is to build out our brand and provide meaningful, engaging experiences for our community. Feel free to reach out to us on any of the following platforms:

Twitter: twitter.com/ciphersquares

Discord: https://discord.io/Ciphersquares