Updated DropPad Allocation

Jul 21, 2021

Due to the shift in our project to a flat rate pricing structure, we have had to restructure many aspects of the project, including the DropPad allocation.

While our previous distribution was meant to flatten our curve, the updated token distribution schedule leans and rewards our earliest supporters. We appreciate you all for being here with us through this transitional phase.

Below, we have outlined the updated token distribution model, weighted towards our earliest adopters:

0–250 = 5x weighted

251–750 = 4x weighted

751–1500 = 3x weighted

1501–2500 = 2x weighted

2500–3623 = 1x weighted

The snapshot for the DropPad allocation will be held after the Holy Grail prize has been revealed, so make sure you are holding after that!

Thanks again for everyone bearing with us, now get out and solve those clues. Next hint for the main cipher puzzle coming this Saturday.